Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall. ~ William Shakespeare

About Bacchus

I LOVE THE ARTS!!! I have been on stage performing in plays, musicals, even music ensembles, choirs and glee clubs ever since I was in the third grade. I even tried dancing - but we won’t talk about that. (Though I still imagine finding the time to take classes and trying one more time!)

When I was four years old my maternal grandmother would have me stand on the end of a 12’ long cherry wood table. Beside me was a large reel-to-reel tape recorder, and in front of me was a music stand holding a very large Complete Works of William Shakespeare. My grandmother would tell me to read into the incredibly large microphone. I remember the very first time this routine began: I stumbled and crashed through words I had no idea how to pronounce, much less understood. She looked at me and said, “It doesn’t matter. Don’t think. Play. Play with the words. Find the rhythm and just play. The rhythm and the sounds will create emotions. You will feel the meaning!” To this day I love playing with the words and sounds of Shakespeare!

Music I love! I still want to learn to play the piano better than my one handed tapping of a song. Composition and conducting an orchestra are fantasies that have always played through my mind.

I have acted on stage in productions all over the country. From Wilmington, NC to the Grand Canyon Shakespeare Festival to productions at the Stella Adler theatre in Los Angeles. I’ve had small parts in films and television shows. I’ve worked with the likes of Frank Capra, Joe Layton, Geoffrey Holder, Enzo Castellari, Sissy Spacek and the list goes on and on. You can find a more complete breakdown of all my various acting, directing, writing and events in the BACCHANALIA section on this website. Please take a look when you are in a browsing mood!

While in Junior High School, I started working with photography. My uncle would let me use his 35mm stills camera and taught me how to process and develop film in his darkroom at my grandparents house. All through junior high and high school I would snap photographs and - with my trusty 8mm Bell & Howell film camera - my best friend and I would reenact scenes from horror movies and film them, rush the film to the local K-Mart for processing and then, a week later, get the film and then edit it ourselves and play music from Hammer movie soundtracks as we watched them. I still have that 8mm camera and the 8mm projector as well! The great thing about that camera is that it allows single frame shots. So we would create short movies using stop motion photography. They always had a horror element, of course! My favorite one was of me raking up leaves as the garden hose slowly unwrapped and snaked through the yard, climbed the tree and slowly descended from a large limb and wrapped around me, hanging me from the tree limb. We created lots of shorts like that.

This website is an attempt at gathering my life together and assembling it into some kind of order. With a particular focus on photography. Photography and videography allow me to spend significant time on artistic endeavors that I am quite passionate about. I shoot head shots and model shots to supplement my income. I also shoot production stills for movie productions as well as photograph and record theatrical productions, dance performances, and various special events.

I could go on and on - but I should probably leave something to talk about in all the different specific sections. The PHOTOGRAPHY section contains examples of all my different works and styles of photography. The IMAGINARIUM contains information on workshops, projects and upcoming special events. IMAGES MOVING contains all kinds of different film/video work: shorts, webisodes, behind-the-scenes, promos, music videos, performances, reels, etc. BACCHANALIA contains examples of my writing, a breakdown of my acting work, directing, film & tv productions, as well as live events that I have worked. WINDOW SHOPPING is my store - where you will find items from films I have worked on, eBooks of scripts, photography eBooks, posters, photos and more! You’ll find my blogs at the bottom of the page: one for what’s happening now and one for memories as I rediscover photos and memories from the past. You can also find in the header and footer of the HOME page my rates and how to contact me.

I hope you enjoy the site!!!!

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My Work



This section contains a selection of my favorite Head Shots. These examples are taken from actors, dancers, models, singers and even entrepreneurs! These demonstrate a variety of shots taken both in the studio (with studio lighting) and outdoors using various natural environments and natural light. As an actor and director myself, I understand the concerns that actors and performers have - especially with their head shots being unique to themselves and not just stock poses with great lighting or camera work. I strive to make every photo capture as much personality as possible. I utilize my vast experience of years of directing stage productions to help every actor or performer be as relaxed as possible and connected to their inner self so every photo has its own unique look and a life of its own. I’ve spent 30 years working in the film industry - as a production coordinator, production manager, assistant director - and have worked closely with both directors and casting directors. I’ve been there as they’ve flipped through one head shot after another - sometimes thousands at a time - and seen the difference between a photograph that shows off the photographer and one that shows off the subject actor/performer. A great photograph captures your personality. A great photograph has a life of its own. A great photograph makes the observer feel that they know you - from just one look!

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Model Shots

Physique and model photography is, of course, largely focused on revealing a model or athletes physical discipline. Lighting accents the subjects musculature, environment enhances the body’s build, while I challenge the model/athlete to display their unique abilities and training. Like head shots, I always do everything possible to also tease the model/athletes personality. Capturing amazing physical displays while also catching that special sparkle radiating from a subjects eyes - brings life to exciting photographs that people want to frame and display - and magazines and advertisers want to use!

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Portraits are very unique. Sometimes they are planned, and quite often they are accidentally created. Portraits have a unique framing and usually focus on one special aspect of a person’s character. I use the camera, environment, lighting - all to accent a specific part of an individuals personality. It is in portraiture that I believe a photographer has much more license to play in post production. (Using different software capabilities to help highlight a portraits uniqueness.) To create a great portrait, I spend more time getting to know the subject - discovering your likes, your sense of humor, your passion - I try to find out as much about those things that make you special, always watching for what brings that spark of fire to your eyes. Portraits can be very specifically staged and sculpted; or they can be more improvisational - placing you in an environment that helps to relax and release what you are wanting captured!!

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Celebrity Portraits

I have worked with many celebrities over the years. Sadly, the vast majority of my negatives from the 1980’s and 1990’s were lost when a hurricane demolished my home back in 1998. I have scanned a few photo prints and digitally cleaned them. Here a few examples of early celebrity portraiture and a few more recent works. Hopefully, as the days pass, I’ll find more photos from the past, as I work to capture more in the future.

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Over the years I have photographed for all kinds of various special events. Many special events for the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center, Red Carpet events, the Golden Globes, musical events and Cabaret acts (some at the Roosevelt Cinegrill in Hollywood). Photographing for events are always challenging - I have to adjust quickly with whatever lighting is available, blend in with the type of venue, as well as being fast! Must be able to be fast!

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Sporting events are always a lot of fun to photograph. Like special events you have to be very fast as a photographer. You take lots of photographs. Most athletes are extroverts. They love to show off, and love to show off their ability and their body. And I must admit, that in my experience, in their environment - the gym, on the field, in the ring - most athletes are very childlike. They will show you all the things they can make their bodies do.

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Dance Stills

I must confess, I love photographing any kind of Dance event. Professional dancers are amazing. They can pose on command, they hold extraordinary positions with hardly a complaint and it’s never a problem repeating a moment so it can be perfectly captured. I enjoy capturing dancers as they warm-up and stretch, even as they are standing or stretching and having a conversation. Performances are always a challenge - you have very specific lighting that isn’t always the easiest to photograph, and you must use a very fast lens. The photographs, well they are almost always amazing. Capturing these amazingly talented individuals always makes for the most beautiful of photographs.

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Film Stills

I have been working on films since Stephen King’s CAT’S EYE. I’ve worked in many different capacities. The best production job has got to be STILLS PHOTOGRAPHER. You get to know the entire cast. You capture great moments during rehearsals. You watch the shooting and stage moments to shoot. Much of the pressure and tension that comes with other production jobs are absent to the Stills Photographer.

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Theatre Stills

Theatre is where I started and where I always return. Actor, Director, Writer, Sets, Lights, Sound - I’ve done it all! It’s also the one area where I had the most photography - and the most photographs lost in the hurricane. I love watching a performance in rehearsal and then staging moments to photograph for production publicity stills. Yes the actors are usually tired and yes they want to get the shoot over with so they can go sleep or drink - but I still love doing it. The photographs are usually quite beautiful as I can use personal lights for accent, but I also have at my disposal the entire array of stage lights that have already been adjusted and focused. This is the one area that I look the most forward to shooting more of in the future!

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Nude photography is always an interesting endeavor. More often these days, the model is completely at ease and just tosses their clothes aside and does whatever you ask. Sometimes though, there are some models who are very new to this and are visibly nervous. I work to make them as at ease as possible, and try to find things that make them laugh. The nude shoots that I most enjoy are when we set up a brief story-line: an idea which has a beginning, a middle and an end. Then we surf through the idea. Most models really enjoy this kind of shoot. I try to have as few lighting changes as possible, and set-ups are pre-set to allow for the fastest adjustments possible. I’ve been very fortunate with the variety of nude models that I have photographed.

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Erotic shoots, like nude photography, require a patience and a sense of fun. Models are performing in an intimate way that is usually private for most people. I find it very important to get to know the model as much as possible and discover their sense of humor and especially how their imaginations work. If I can find that entry key to their imagination, the shoot is almost always a breeze. There are usually multiple lighting changes. And like sports photography, things work best if I’m shooting fast and working with the idea of capturing moments. (So I usually use a fast lens.) These can be very fun shoots.

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This section contains a few examples of photographs that I have either adjusted with effects or that I have prepared as wallpapers for your computer screen. If you find you like any of the wallpapers - they will contain my logo along the frame edge - then just go to my store (“Window Shopping”) and you can get full hi-res photographs to download for free.

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Wallpapers & Effects

This section contains a few examples of photographs that I have either adjusted with effects or that I have prepared as wallpapers for your computer screen. If you find you like any of the wallpapers - they will contain my logo along the frame edge - then just go to my store (“Window Shopping”) and you can get full hi-res photographs to download for free.

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